Tuesday, June 15, 2010

this is howz my cat treez workz

i go down & down & out

mah bread!

this here is mah bread. don't you be stealing it!

i haz a rope necklace yo.

no. it's not a noose. it's my funtime bling. because im a cat. and cat's really don't like bling. unless there's light reflecting off of it, and then they can chase around imaginary lightballs. but really cats do love string. and this here is some fine string bling.

i am too fatz to jump

you have to wait for it, but watching a fat cat jump & flail is hilarious.

this is howz you entertain a cat with a piece of string.

just in case you didn't know how to.

kawaii kat

i know this is just more of me playing with my silly man leash, but i'm just so darn cute.

catz on a leash

i am not a dog! why do you make me wear this ridiculous leash? decency here people.

i haz a cheezeburger

zero loves to nom nom nom on his cheezeburgerz.